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Team Ministry
Team Extreme
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MINISTRY head to insomnia51
[ 12 comments | Write Comment ] April 17, 2014, 07:24:18 PM by Gumpster


MINISTRY will be heading to insomnia51 held at the Ricoh Arena this weekend in Coventry. After the last couple of months since MINISTRY's exit of 5th/6th at epic.TWELVE which was a bit disappointing considering the teams that were there at the event, Ashley & Mike have both been looking to find players of a suitable level to progress to the next level at Counter Strike Global Offensive in the UK.

They looked hard and as fast as they could and found three suitable players in the aftermath of epic.TWELVE in the form of Matt "Stato" Walker, and Jandyr "JsiCk0"" Solorzano. Eventually around 2 - 3 weeks ago we finally found our golden fifth person who was Gentrit "vamp" Hashani. Some of these players bring a wealth of experience to the table, with both Stato & JsiCk0 who went 3 consecutive LANs with 4th placed finishes in CS.

With the team who have been practicing a bit prior to LAN, we are looking to break into the Top 4 teams in the UK and make an impact like previously where at insomnia50, MINISTRY took eventual finalists TeamCRG to two map overtimes and then at epic.TWELVE kept it interesingly close against Rasta.TLM.

The team are currently seeded 5th at insomnia51 and are looking to do well, hopefully we can watch as many games as possible over the weekend.

Of course this is a new venue for insomnia after moving from Telford International Centre, for 2014 and beyond, all iSeries events will now be at Ricoh Arena, Coventry. If you want to check out the new venue, then check this video out: YouTube Video

The tournament kicks off at 6pm Friday evening, and we will try and keep you up to date with the ongoing progress of MINISTRY at insomnia51.

MINISTRY is as follows for insomnia51:

UK Ashley "ashhh" Battye (In Game Leader)
UK Mike "Metta" Havill
UK Jandyr "JsiCk0" Solorzano
UK Matt "Stato" Walker
UK Gentrit "vamp" Hashani

Also look out for a wild Kieran "12enegade" Smith who is one of our longest serving community folks, he is at the event but playing with the team we both played with at insomnia49, Mario All Stars, he will be looking to put in a shining performance for his team at insomnia51 this weekend. There are plenty of former MOD members also in attendance this weekend, former Ministry Of Darkness eXtreme player Syphon will be attending with "I Wasn't Trying" who are looking to reach at least Top 6. Also a former MOD community member Sean "Chaddy" Chadwick will be in attendance playing for one of the nicer communities PLAYCASTERS who are at another event trying to do well this weekend. We wish all former and current MOD community members a good time at the event, and good luck in the respective CS:GO Tournament.
EMS Katowice 2014 - Everything you need to know.
[ 12 comments | Write Comment ] March 11, 2014, 12:22:00 PM by Gumpster

With little less than 2 days before the event kicks off I decided to give people all the information we have so far for the tournament in Katowice, Poland. It looks set to be another fantastic event, with so many great games being shown on GOTV and Streams over this weekend. With so many storylines, and the fact that DreamHack Winter ended just over 4 months ago, we have a chance for these teams to do their bidding on another massive stage in front of 11,500 live spectators.


FR Titan (NBK, Shox, Ex6tenZ, ScreaM, SmithZz)
SWEDEN Ninjas In Pyjamas (GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, friberg, Xizt, Fifflaren)
PL Virtus.Pro (neo, Pasha, TaZ, byali, Snax)
usa compLexity (n0thing, swag, sgares, Hiko, semphis)
usa iBUYPOWER (Skadoodle, DaZeD, anger, AZK, adreN)
AU Vox Eminor (topguN, Snyper, Havoc, AZR, SpunJ)
FR Clan-Mystik (HaRts, sf, kennyS, GMX, kioShiMa)
FR (Happy, Maniac, apEX, KQLY, Uzzziii)
DK 3DMAX! (Pimp, raalz, MSL, gla1ve, aizy)
DK Team Dignitas (cajunb, FeTiSh, device, dupreeh, Xyp9x)
DK Reason Gaming (Friis, karrigan, smF, EXR, Lomme)
UA HellRaisers (AdreN, Dosia, markeloff, kucher, ANGE1)
UA Natus Vincere (starix, Edward, Zeus, GuardiaN, seized)
SWEDEN LGB-eSports (KRiMZ, twist, olofm, cype, dennis)
SWEDEN fnatic (devilwalk, JW, flusha, pronax, schneider)
DE Mousesports (ChrisJ, LEGIJA, tiziaN, cadiaN, tabseN)

Prize Breakdown:

1. $100,000
2. $50,000
3-4. $22,000
5-8. $10,000
9-16. $2,000

With the line-ups all confirmed, the 16 teams known and the prize breakdown for the event, here are your casters for the event.

Casting Line-Up for EMS Katowice:
UK Sean Charles - Host

UK Stuart "TosspoT" Saw - Caster
UK Lauren "PansY" Scott - Caster
usa Jason Kaplan - Caster

usa Scott "SirScoots" Smith - Analyst/Expert
UK Duncan "Thoorin" Shields - Analyst/Expert

CA Joshua "steel" Nissan - Observer

Channel - ESL TV

Along with this information, Valve recently added Team Logos to the sticker packs which you can buy in game for 60p and show off your support to the teams of your choice. All money from the purchases in game then are split equally to all the organisations involved, which means there is an extra source of income now present within the game for organisations to perhaps profit from. You can find out more information here on the official blog.

There will also be drops for this event, which means the system which featured at DreamHack Winter with the souvenir drops will also be in place for EMS Katowice, so if you watch in game through the "Watch" Tab or have a linked Twitch account, you will be eligible for skin drops for guns. If you need to know how to link your steam account with a Twitch account, then Valve have kindly given this information on The official CS:GO Blog. have recently been doing Group Previews in the run up to the event, which you can see Group A Preview & Group B Preview at the links provided. Meanwhile over at onGamers, they recently did an in-depth interview with 3DMAX's star player Pimp, who talks about his problems with teams throughout 2013, NiP Vs Titan rivalry in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and what to expect from EMS Katowice this weekend, it's a pretty good read which you can visit here if you have some spare time.

DreamHack Winter 2013 was the most watched event in Counter Strike's history, with just over 145,000 spectators watching through in-game GOTV and Twitch Streams, the question is, can EMS Katowice eclipse that and become bigger? will have more information regarding the schedule and format for the event tomorrow, so stay tuned for all of that! You can also check out the coverage portal from here.
EMS Katowice Groups have been drawn
[ 8 comments | Write Comment ] March 06, 2014, 04:43:28 PM by Gumpster

The second Counter Strike Global Offensive Major which features $250,000 on the line for 16 teams will be taking place next week in Katowice which is at the Spodek Arena and will be in front of 11,500 live spectators. The groups were drawn last night live on stream at ESL's Studio in Cologne, where the 16 teams had learnt their fate. There are some rather tasty groups here.

Group A:

FR Titan
UA ex-Astana Dragons
PL Virtus.Pro
DE Mousesports

Group B:

SWEDEN Ninjas in Pyjamas
FR Team
AU Vox Eminor

Group C:

DK Team Dignitas
DK Reason Gaming

Group D:

usa compLexity
UA Natus Vincere
FR Clan-Mystik

EMS Katowice is already building up with some interesting storylines, can DreamHack Winter 2013 champions Fnatic show the world that they are part of the elite and top dogs out there? Can the Ninja's reclaim their crown after they lost it in the last quarter of 2013? Can Titan now at their new organisation come out and become the undisputed top dogs in Counter Strike at this event and avenge their recent loss at the ESEA Season 15 LAN Finals? Can the American teams finally show the world that American Counter Strike is back, and that the ESEA Season 15 LAN Finals were not an actual fluke? Can the Australians Vox Eminor actually turn up and surprise some of the World's best currently? Can Clan-Mystik show they are capable of winning another title after picking up ESWC 2013? Can Virtus.Pro finally after 18 months of being in CS:GO take a title in front of their home fans?

So many stories, so many questions, so many good teams at this tournament, with this being the second CS:GO Major after DreamHack Winter 2013, the next question is what is next for CS:GO?

The action will be taking place next week from 13th - 16th March, you will be able to watch in game through GOTV which you will be able to find under the "Watch" Tab, if that doesn't tickle your fancy you will be able to watch on Twitch.TV at this link here. Don't forget that the community are expecting drops for this tournament, so make sure you link your Twitch account with your Steam Account.

TEAM PRO-HL | S@NDM@N 750 | Treb 816 | rosso 732 | Delta 789 | Sy- 39 | dp 513 | CH|EF 0

-|MOD|- Eddie 64
-|MOD|- ash :D 252
-|MOD|- Rhaz 75
-|MOD|- [R]4WRCH1CK3N 596
-|MOD|- Crowth  
-|MOD|- Jamesta 128
-|MOD|- Metta 630

-|MOD|- Davis 197
-|MOD|- nS 197
-|MOD|- ToByB  
-|MOD|- Syphon 277
-|MOD|- Lut  

-|MOD|- DreS 139
-|MOD|- SlaYeR  
-|MOD|- Dan' 178
-|MOD|- LT^ 135
-|MOD|- Gumpster 48
-|MOD|- Krabzzz  

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